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On this page you can watch the transformation of our rescues.
 Below you will also see a few of our success stories...
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Your donations will go directly to the care of our Rescues-
feed, immunizations, wormer, dentist, medicated shampoo, farrier, vet bills and many other items that each horse needs...
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Today Sunday Sept 8 2013 we went to pick up 4 owner surrenders.
1. A  Grey dapple Arabian Gelding. He is very underweight, has a sore right foot and covered in burrs. 
2. A Sorrel 2 year old stud colt Arabian. He is very underweight, over grown hooves, start of rain rot and burrs in mane and tail.
3. A Black Paint mare. She is over weight, start of rain rot, over grown hooves and burs packed in mane and tail.
4. A Cinnamon colored Mare. She is for the most part healthy her only real issue was her tail and mane that where both solid burs.

First things first
All burrs removed, Hooves filed, coats brushed, cuts and scrapes cleaned, Grey Gelding hoof packed and wrapped and all fed and water. 

Meet Hans he was brought in August 12,2015. He is severely underweight with over grown hooves from not being trimmed and standing in a stall full of manure for a very long time.. He is in for a long battle to be back to healthy. Unfortunately we can say his barn mate will have the same chance, he was humanely euthanized a few days after we picked up Hans. We started with his hooves as soon as we returned to the ranch. Jeffrey took close to 10 inches off. Even after being trimmed it will be a long time before his hooves look close to normal. He is now able to work a little easier and loves to be out on the pasture. If you would like to donate to Hans please click the Paypal button above any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated!! ADOPTED!! so excited for Hans and his new loving home!! 
Hes so cool he has to wear Shades!!
Poor guy
His Back feet
Front Feet
He sure tolerated a lot
It was a slow process but they sure look better
Bath time
I think he knows everything is gonna be ok now
We are getting there
Such a Skinny boy
Checking out the Arena and his newly trimmed hooves
After a week hes starting to gain weight but its gonna be a long time til we can say hes fat and happy
Parker has asked for a black horse for a long time.. He is in love
Being out on pasture has helped with wearing down his still to long hooves
This is Moon she is in need of some groceries and TLC... Brought in today 12/1
All deburred and feet trimmed
A little less the 2 months here is sweet Moon looking so much healthier
Moon saying Check me out!!
Even got a little Booty on her!!
Unlikely Friends but they are the Best if friends Moon and Rosie the Longhorn
Carol Riding Moon... She did great .. just rode her bitless for her comfort..
Moon went over to my brothers pasture with Monty and Storm .. she was so excited about that huge green pasture!!

June 6,2016
Meet Eclipse 
we got him last week he was in barbed wire fence the pictures are before vet care and after a week later he has a long road to recovery but he is getting all the TLC a horse could get .. in the pictures you are seeing bone and where muscle is damaged he has not taken a lame step yet and has been the perfect patient letting us fix him up with no grief what so ever I would like to thank Byland Animal Hospital and Dr.Cawrse for coming out and taking great care of our newest addition we had a good check up again a week later!

Update July 22nd: Eclipse looking good and progessing nicely its a long road to recovery but this guy has the heart and strength to survive! ! Plus alot of Love

Eclipse has months of recovery ahead of him but we are all hopeful for a full recovery. 
​If you would like to make a donation for Eclipse please click the link above.
Thank you in advance
 Big Ed!!
He is a registered Percheron who was headed for slaughter so we brought him home from Sugarcreek.
He is 18 hands and about 2000 thousand pounds of pure sweetness!!
He is healing from a hurt back and will join his friends as a trail horse when he feels better!
Update: June 6, 2016
Big Ed is doing great and does not lay around all time. He has been started on trails and seems to really enjoy being out.
Update: July 20, 2016
Big Ed has joined the Trail Riding horse group and is doing amazing..
He still has a little trouble understanding the leaving the barn but improving everyday!!
Big Ed at Sugarcreek
Heading Home!
This is why he is BIG Ed!! lol
Where did Mindi go!
Carol snuggling Big Ed he is so Sweet
Now thats a BIG foot
Time for a trim!!
Pedicure time!!
Out for some much needed leg stretching
I got an ITCH!
Awe that's better
Hey who are you?
Hey wait for me....
Big Ed loves his new friend Roughshot!
You cant get any Sweeter then this guy right here!!
Angie riding Big Ed out on the trails!! Boy I look small next to him
He has filled in so nice!!
Hanging out with DZ girl
Big Eds very first customer trail ride!! He did awesome
Bath time.. He sure is gaining weight and looking good
He does so good on the trail rides
This was this little girls first time riding and fell in love with him
The wounds to his legs when we got him back to the ranch
Dr. Cawrse Cleaning the wounds
All cleaned up and stretching his legs
Such a handsome patient
Parker giving his Eclipse some lovins
Update: June 13th
Lots of love and care this guy is growing new skin puting medicine on to eat the proud flesh we have blood flow looks more gory right now but its good still a long road ahead were talking months but very hopeful for this guy just won't know the outcome or if there is and bone chips ect.for a long time yet
Hanging out outside letting some air get to his legs
Such a handsome boy and great patient
Update June 17th: 
This guys legs are doing great our wonderful Veterinary from Byland Animal Hospital was out and gave a good report on his progress cut alot of skin and tissue off continue what we're doing till next Friday when she visits again! !!
Eclipse and his buddy Cooper
Sawyer giving Eclipse some lovins after he got his legs wrapped
Awe these boys just love him
Eclipse and Parker on their 1st trail ride.. Parker's face says it all..  he finally has his black horse.. Eclipse has a long way to go before he will be ready for much riding
Update August 20th Everything is healing GREAT!
Cant believe the difference