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Meet Your Guide 
All the Staff here at Triple M are volunteers that work hard for our horses and customers. 
So this page is for you to know a lil tidbit of them before your visit at the Ranch!!!
Parker and I on Apache
Playing on Shrek
My ride in Montana
Sky and I
Sawyer and I on my Love Showpan
Apache and I on top of the hill on Mothers Day 3 years ago
Me meeting Big Ben over in Berlin at Hershbergers
My lil buddy Parker and I riding together
Love the view from the top of the arena
JR and I working in the Arena
My ride on the cattle drive in Texas
Loving on my New guy JR
I just love this Guy ... my Showpan
Love riding in the SNOW!!!
Struttin my Stuff
Playing in the Water
Me with my first pony Nipper
Me and my First horse my Grandma Moffett gave me Lady
Mindi and Carol
Owner and Operator
Been riding horses since my Grandma Moffett put me on and 
only told me to hold on!! 
I'm still holding on and lovin it!!
Owner and Operator 
My sidekick MoMo and I
Winter riding
Riding with Parker
Taking our Niece Millie for a ride on MoMo
Just thinking
Love to just ride no matter the season
Trimming up Slims feet
JR is not real sure about me sitting on him
the girls always have a horse for me to ride that is not mine
Trying to Stand up on the BIG guy Popper
Trail Ride with My favorite Cowboys
Riding Firecracker now that hes a fat and happy
MoMo not real sure about a baby goat riding him
MoMo and I checking on Mindi
Selfie on JR
Taking out our morning ride
Jeffrey and MoMo ..
Carol (CC)
Sami and her main man Cisco
Carol Working hard
Sami and her main man Cisco
Our 3 Boys Ashton, Sawyer and Parker
Trail Guides in Training
Sawyer and Parker love to be out riding
Riding lesson in the Arena
Parker must have Jeffrey thinking
Ashton on Cisco headed out for a trail ride
Parker on a trail ride with Guest or how they say it "strangers" lol
Parker on Johnny
Parker on Slim his first real trail ride
Sawyer on Irish and Parker on Slim they are so excited about riding outside
Ashton on Fly
Sawyer and Parker and Cisco
Awe Sawyer and Cisco
Our lil cowboys
Ashton on Apache
Sawyer out on Irish.. this is true love he sings to him
Trick riders in the making
Sawyer working with Blitz
Parkers turn
Ready for the Parade
2015 Loudonville Christmas Parade
Parker and Johnny